Definition of malice aforethought in English:

malice aforethought


mass nounLaw
  • The intention to kill or harm, which distinguishes murder from unlawful killing.

    ‘the accused has caused death but did not have malice aforethought’
    • ‘It is a classic case of cold-blooded murder with malice aforethought.’
    • ‘Try to imagine, for a moment, an attacker armed with a knife coming at you with every intention of committing malice aforethought.’
    • ‘If the jury decided that James lacked malice aforethought, he could still be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, i.e., unlawful killing without malice aforethought.’
    • ‘Murder is unlawful homicide committed with malice aforethought.’
    • ‘Did he kill her with malice aforethought, willfully, deliberately?’
    deliberateness, intentionality, intent, design, calculation
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malice aforethought