Definition of malformation in English:



  • 1An abnormally formed part of the body.

    ‘the drug may cause malformations in the developing embryo’
    • ‘Other common malformations include congenital heart, kidney, or Gl abnormalities.’
    • ‘She was shown shocking photographs of babies born with terrible congenital malformations.’
    • ‘Doctors said that I was born with a cleft palate and lip - both congenital malformations of the face.’
    • ‘If the malformation is defined as symptomatic, or is causing a syrinx, treatment is usually recommended.’
    • ‘No genetic, demographic, or environmental risk factors for vascular malformations have been clearly identified.’
    • ‘At one end of the spectrum are MR disorders with gross brain malformations.’
    • ‘Symptoms are unusual, and treatment of venous malformations of the brain is seldom found to be necessary.’
    • ‘Stereotactic radiosurgery is used to treat arteriovenous malformations and small brain tumors.’
    • ‘The most familiar of the vascular malformations is the arteriovenous malformation.’
    • ‘The majority of infants with anorectal malformation will need to have surgery to correct the problem.’
    • ‘The text is divided into the four major types of vascular malformations that are known to occur.’
    • ‘Secondary cough headaches can occur as a result of serious problems, including brain tumors and brain malformations.’
    • ‘In isolated cleft palate, the cleft palate occurs by itself, without cleft lip or other malformations.’
    • ‘The MRI appearance of spinal cavernous malformations is generally the same as its cerebral counterparts.’
    • ‘Babies with brain malformations, numerous genetic diseases and other physical birth defects are at increased risk of cerebral palsy.’
    • ‘Dandy-Walker Malformation is a rare malformation of the brain that is present at birth (congenital).’
    • ‘Positive findings of congenital malformations and chromosome aberrations deserve thorough scientific investigation.’
    • ‘Management of vascular malformations is dependent upon the type and location of the malformation as well as its depth.’
    • ‘It is well-known that the incidence of significant congenital malformations is 1.5 per cent of all pregnancies.’
    • ‘The treatment of venous malformations varies according to the depth, location and extent of the lesion.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Abnormality of shape or form.
      ‘malformation of one or both ears’
      • ‘So it may be advisable for babies with this type of lymphatic malformation to have chromosomal analysis performed.’
      • ‘Radiosurgery can effectively cure a number of abnormalities, arteriovenous malformation, acoustic tumors, or meningiomas.’
      • ‘They later learned he had been born with Potter's Syndrome, a disease that describes the total absence or malformation of infant kidneys.’
      • ‘Alcohol abuse can cause mental retardation, malformation, growth retardation, miscarriage, and behavioral disorders in infants.’
      • ‘But when they teed, their saliva leads to malformation of fruit, leaves, and shoots, stunting the plant and eventually killing it.’
      • ‘When it infects the ear, it results in massive malformation of the kernels; this is the most distinctive symptom in the field.’
      • ‘The clinical presentation and diagnostic approach greatly depend on the type of malformation that is present.’
      • ‘When cerebrovascular malformation, aneurysm, cerebral venous thrombosis, or arteritis is suspected, MRI or MRA is preferred.’
      • ‘This malady is a cervical vertebral instability characterized by malformation of the lower spine.’
      • ‘Frequent sauna use may also cause fetal malformation in pregnant women, but study results are inconsistent.’
      • ‘Management of a kidney stone depends on its size, location, and composition and the presence of anatomical malformation and complications.’
      • ‘The variations are usually associated with malformation of the heart and developmental anomalies of the aortic arch.’
      • ‘The ultrasound measurements did not allow a determination between classifying this as a high or low anorectal malformation.’
      • ‘The mother is informed about the possibility of termination, but is also given maximum information about the risk of malformation.’
      • ‘No fetal malformation caused by unsuccessful use of high-dose oral contraceptives for emergency contraception has been reported.’
      • ‘Possible outcomes include no harm to the fetus, fetal loss, fetal malformation, preterm delivery, fetal growth restriction or postnatal infection.’
      • ‘They found that absorption of heat caused damage to the ciliary body leading to malformation of the lens.’
      • ‘The key components of this malformation include hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis and cystic dilatation of the 4th ventricle.’
      • ‘The differential diagnosis included metastatic lymphoma, epidural abscess, hematoma, and vascular malformation.’
      • ‘Primary vascular tumors of bone are uncommon, with hemangiomas and vascular malformation being the most common.’
      deformity, distortion, crookedness, misshapenness, disfigurement, abnormality, irregularity, oddity, warp, freak, freak of nature
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