Definition of maleic acid in English:

maleic acid


mass nounChemistry
  • A crystalline acid made by distilling malic acid, used in making synthetic resins.

    Chemical formula: HOOCCHCHCOOH

    • ‘If released into water, maleic acid will probably biodegrade based on the results of screening studies.’
    • ‘Through this procedure, both maleic acid and glyoxal were converted to glyoxylic acid.’
    • ‘Citric acid, maleic acid, and butanetetracarboxylic acid are the three agents used most often.’
    • ‘Owing to the conducive positioning of the carboxyl groups in cis-butenedioic acid, the acid readily forms an internal anhydride, whereas the trans acid does not.’
    • ‘Moreover the molecules of maleic acid are polar and are easily hydrated by the polar water molecules.’


Mid 19th century: maleic from French maléique, alteration of malique (see malic acid).


maleic acid