Definition of maledictive in English:



  • See malediction

    • ‘Typically, a hereditary or maledictive were-king cobra will simply flee at the sound of such music, returning at a later time when its prey is unaware.’
    • ‘They all have some sort of maledictive parting shot.’
    • ‘Although he is a maledictive lycanthrope, and his bite does not create progeny werebeasts, the weregorilla phenotype is included here.’
    • ‘Complaint files from the lodged between 1995 and 1999 were analysed for the features common to anti-Semitic and heterosexist maledictive hate.’
    • ‘Many years later I recounted this particular curse to Dr. Aman, an internationally known philologist and the world's foremost authority on maledictive speech.’