Definition of male menopause in English:

male menopause


  • A stage in a middle-aged man's life supposedly corresponding to the menopause of a woman, associated with loss of vigour and a crisis of identity (not in technical use).

    • ‘Turning the old male menopause theory on its head, Eclair continues while sucking on a Silk Cut.’
    • ‘Astra just isn't what it used to be, the old comfortable cardigan for the middle-aged man who had never been told about the male menopause.’
    • ‘But yes, guys, male menopause is real, and there is hope after menopause.’
    • ‘‘She is young, black, 25 years old and startlingly photogenic,’ reported the Telegraph's hack in the throes of the male menopause.’
    • ‘Madeline, Humbie's wife, believes it's the male menopause.’
    • ‘It could be the male menopause or the state of the nation - he now lives in the USA - but Lloyd seems to have a rather negative approach.’
    • ‘Among the topics included are prostate cancer, heart disease, male menopause, and hair loss.’
    • ‘Decreasing levels of testosterone associated with male menopause that occurs as men get older.’
    • ‘Dr Frederick Wu says it will provide a definitive answer to the question: ‘Is there a male menopause?’’
    • ‘Out of the blue he asked, ‘What's male menopause?’’
    • ‘I'm wondering if all of this is related to the male menopause.’
    • ‘Either that or the male menopause has kicked in.’
    • ‘Perhaps he is going through the male menopause, a bit of a change is coming on?’
    • ‘You can find more on shaping up and the male menopause by logging on to the web.’
    • ‘Professor John McKinlay, a leading authority on men's health, argues that the male menopause is a myth.’
    • ‘Thus, male menopause is not a discrete clinical syndrome.’
    • ‘Editor Gould, Petty, and Jacobs debated about facts for and against the existence of a male menopause.’
    • ‘Long a source of speculation, the song's title and elliptical lyrics are thought to refer to male menopause.’
    • ‘The male menopause lobby may have a word to say about that.’
    • ‘In general, men do not have a male menopause, and most men have testosterone levels well in the normal range.’