Definition of male fern in English:

male fern


  • A fern with brown scales on the stalks of the fronds, found in woodland in both North America and Eurasia.

    Genus Dryopteris, family Dryopteridaceae: D. filix-mas and related species

    • ‘Ferns will often tolerate very dry conditions particularly the male ferns (Dryopteris filix-mas), golden scale, soft shield and hard shield.’
    • ‘Either shade or sun suits male ferns planted in temperate regions, but full shade remains mandatory in warmer zones.’
    • ‘There are tiny fiddleheads on the male ferns and ostrich ferns and the buds on the highbush cranberry are about ready to burst forth.’
    • ‘The male fern is one of the most popular and effective treatments for tape worms.’
    • ‘These male ferns produce elegant, frilly fronds up to 3 feet long and spread if spores fall in the right conditions.’