Definition of male-oriented in English:


(British male-orientated)


  • Biased towards, dominated by, or designed for men.

    ‘male-oriented dramas’
    ‘a very macho, male-oriented industry’
    • ‘Almost all survivalist writing is heavily male-oriented.’
    • ‘It's a good mystery, but very male-oriented, with an excessive focus on guns.’
    • ‘The nomination of a female judge as a justice at the Constitutional Court has set a new milestone in our male-oriented judiciary system.’
    • ‘Air traffic controlling has often been considered a male-oriented profession.’
    • ‘Succeeding in what was perceived as a male-oriented world made her a role model.’
    • ‘Sexism is rife in the playwriting world, and women such as myself face a constant struggle to make it in this male-oriented environment.’
    • ‘Traditionally a male-orientated organisation, Rotary first admitted female members in 1987.’
    • ‘Most hospitals and clinics are not male-oriented, and, in fact, men find them humiliating and awkward.’
    • ‘Working with intelligent women is very different from working with a very male-oriented set.’
    • ‘Both of the reports on men and mental health conclude that considerable resources are needed to focus on marketing male-oriented health and support services.’
    • ‘Much of the chapter focuses on the male domination of the Internet, both in terms of frequency of use and male-oriented content.’
    • ‘As I flicked through the rest of the magazines, it struck me how male-orientated the diving holiday industry seemed.’
    • ‘She has proved that women can make it to the top in even the most male-orientated workplaces.’
    • ‘I actually feel there's a need for more female creatives, to ensure advertising isn't too male-oriented.’
    • ‘I couldn't help but notice how one-sided and male-oriented everything is in that movie.’
    male, manly, manlike, of men, man's, men's
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