Definition of maldistribution in English:



mass noun
  • Uneven, inefficient, or unfair distribution of something.

    ‘the maldistribution of wealth’
    • ‘He believed that the apparent scarcity of land was the result of land speculation and maldistribution that would be remedied by the single tax.’
    • ‘The propensity to seek wealth and power has led persons of conscience to inveigh against the maldistribution of income for a long time.’
    • ‘We could begin to address problems of globalization, problems of maldistribution and problems of unpredictable violence.’
    • ‘The cumulative deprivation that would be offset by reparations is the maldistribution of wealth between blacks and whites.’
    • ‘In the end, programs designed to alleviate physician shortage largely served to increase physician maldistribution.’
    • ‘Stratification by sex would have prevented this, but analysis took into account the maldistribution.’
    • ‘One way to even out the problem of maldistribution is to get more young people into college.’
    • ‘This was at the height of the submarine menace, when men were losing their lives daily to bring in supplies, and this maldistribution just didn't seem right.’
    • ‘None of the leading Democrats seeking the 2004 presidential nomination are talking about the maldistribution of wealth or mobilizing a new war on poverty or a massive jobs program.’
    • ‘For one thing, most malnutrition and starvation come from a maldistribution of food, not an absolute shortage.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Depression-era agricultural crisis was defined as one of overproduction of food and maldistribution of income.’
    • ‘A second type of maldistribution of water is temporal.’
    • ‘It occurred to me that here was a maldistribution of females which I might be able to rectify.’
    • ‘And it won't solve the problem of maldistribution, and it won't solve the workforce issue; it's not where the answer lies.’
    • ‘However, Ellis and colleagues demonstrated maldistribution of microcirculatory blood flow in the skeletal muscle of septic rats.’
    • ‘There were, indeed, dangers, and they did not stop with maldistribution of wealth.’
    • ‘It is clear that the maldistribution of public resources in health care cannot continue in the U.S. or other countries.’
    • ‘More significantly, the maldistribution of income over decades has resulted in increasing crime, which creates the potential for social chaos.’
    • ‘As Walzer says, ‘there is no such thing as a maldistribution of consumer goods.’’
    • ‘Are misery and decadence the consequences of maldistribution of property, or of moral depravity, the lack of moral conscience?’