Definition of malamute in English:


(also malemute)


  • A powerful dog of a breed with a thick, grey coat, bred by the Inuit and used to pull sledges.

    • ‘They're the sprinters, he says, whereas malamutes are sloggers, which were used in days of yore for hauling heavy freight.’
    • ‘I am most fortunate to have two large, beautiful, eight year old malamutes.’
    • ‘The malamute enjoyed hard work and preferred to unload their cargoes as manually as he could get away with.’
    • ‘I grinned at him like some overgrown, two-legged malamute and he grinned back sure enough.’
    • ‘Most of the malemutes are half-wolf at least.’


Late 19th century: from Inuit malimiut, the name of a people of western Alaska, who developed the breed.