Definition of maladministration in English:



  • [mass noun] Inefficient or dishonest administration; mismanagement.

    ‘I found no maladministration in the council's actions’
    • ‘The decision to weaken still further the funding requirement in 2002 was taken with maladministration.’
    • ‘She said maladministration in the Department of Health ‘doesn't just affect public officials’.’
    • ‘On the contrary they are those that have been unable to participate in globalisation because of war, corruption, or maladministration.’
    • ‘There were no findings of maladministration, or wrong doing in the management of the Regional Partnerships Program.’
    • ‘We have only the Roman account, but it is enough to reveal maladministration ranging from the callously negligent to the undeniably criminal.’
    mismanagement, mishandling, misgovernment, misrule, incompetence, inefficiency, bungling, blundering
    malpractice, misconduct, corruption, dishonesty
    malfeasance, misfeasance
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