Definition of maladjusted in English:



  • Failing to cope with the demands of a normal social environment.

    ‘a home for maladjusted youths’
    ‘schools for the maladjusted’
    • ‘I am the weird, ugly, maladjusted, malevolent girl.’
    • ‘You could survey a women's prison for six months and not find this many maladjusted, misguided females or omnipresent social ills.’
    • ‘As the California energy fiasco has demonstrated, the maladjusted U.S. economy is replete with inflationary ‘tinderboxes’ waiting for sparks.’
    • ‘This, clearly, is credit creation of very poor quality for an already maladjusted economy and increasingly unstable financial system.’
    • ‘If so, is the maladjusted economy poised for a spurt of activity with the positive resolution of today's acute geopolitical concerns?’
    • ‘They are socially maladjusted, and attention and dependence seeking.’
    • ‘High scorers are viewed as maladjusted, whiney, demanding, and quick-tempered.’
    • ‘The Credit system is too impaired, chastened investors and speculators too risk-averse, and the Bubble economy too maladjusted.’
    • ‘I mean, I don't usually go out on a Friday night intending to get punched by maladjusted boyfriends.’
    • ‘Bubble excesses, including over-consumption and maladjusted investment, have engendered an increasingly untenable trade position.’
    • ‘They may feel maladjusted, even if they know that they are normal.’
    • ‘We are in the backyards of two maladjusted households in adjoining row houses in a shabby South Philadelphia Italian-American neighborhood.’
    • ‘They were emotionally troubled, or socially maladjusted, or marginal in some more or less unattractive way, or quaintly anachronistic.’
    • ‘But the big problem is that the economy has become so maladjusted and is in such an unstable state of flux.’
    • ‘Ghost World realistically portrays the often obsessive, compulsive and maladjusted postures of youth.’
    • ‘The wildly maladjusted and unbalanced U.S. economy must suffer through a wrenching adjustment period.’
    • ‘Avoid at all costs, unless you are a co-dependent who likes to feel maladjusted.’
    • ‘Moreover, the maladjusted financial and economic systems function sporadically and poorly with only ‘minimal stimulation.’’
    • ‘At 60, Steve is a maverick of maladjusted moments.’
    • ‘Your not maladjusted, your just too damn smart for your own good.’
    disturbed, unstable, ill-adjusted, neurotic, alienated, muddled, confused, unbalanced
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