Definition of Maksutov telescope in English:

Maksutov telescope


  • A type of catadioptric telescope having a deeply curved meniscus lens. A secondary mirror on the back of the lens brings the light to a focus just behind a hole in the primary mirror.

    • ‘The Maksutov telescope is similar to the Schmidt design, but uses a more spherical corrector lens.’
    • ‘Before the ETX, Maksutov telescopes were elevated to an almost mythic status.’
    • ‘Back then they were simply known as Russian Maksutov telescopes, there were no manufacturer's names on them.’
    • ‘This image of Mars is the size it appears through a 6mm orthoscopic eyepiece on the 7’ Maksutov telescope.’
    • ‘We were producing a line of Maksutov telescopes ranging from 6’ to 10’ diameter and continue to work on special optics for professional observatories.’


1940s: named after Dmitri D. Maksutov (1896–1964), Soviet astronomer.


Maksutov telescope