Definition of make tracks (for) in English:

make tracks (for)


  • Leave (for a place)

    ‘I suppose I ought to be making tracks’
    ‘we made tracks for home’
    • ‘Meanwhile, anxious Americans unable to find a flu shot at home are making tracks north.’
    • ‘After our three days clearing roadblocks we packed up and made tracks to Nablus.’
    • ‘Filled with memories of things past, I made tracks to The Empire Diner on New Year's Day, and sat at the black lacquered bar allowing an ice-cube to melt lazily on my tongue.’
    • ‘This is an uplifting theatrical experience that is well worth making tracks for.’
    • ‘With the British section of our Ontario travels finished, we decide to make tracks, but not before comparing the ski facilities in Vienna, Ontario with those of the more northerly Zurich, Ontario.’
    • ‘It is starting to get dark, and we make tracks back to the car, Sally accidentally performing a spectacular cartoon trip over an exposed branch on the way.’
    • ‘At about 9 p.m., when it was obvious that there wasn't going to be anything terribly stimulating going on, Shane and Junior started making tracks.’
    • ‘But next weekend the cartoon cats will leave the great outdoors and make tracks to the National Railway Museum.’
    • ‘It was time to make tracks, so we packed up camp and headed back to our depot at Seay Peak, arriving in the early afternoon after a pleasant and uneventful sledge journey.’
    • ‘I prayed for the song to end, handed over a 20 and made tracks to the bar.’