Definition of make time in English:

make time


  • 1Find an occasion when time is available to do something.

    ‘the nurse should make time to talk to the patient’
    • ‘But he still makes time for the important stuff, and thankfully that also includes coming to the Vancouver festival more often.’
    • ‘He rarely makes time to exercise, occasionally playing squash or visiting the gym when he has the time and energy.’
    • ‘He thanked the players and manager for making time to attend before having to rush off to training.’
    • ‘Having a sense of humour, being polite, and making time for some personal conversation can often make a huge difference in the attitude of others.’
    • ‘I find my biggest problem now is making time for everything.’
    • ‘Plan ahead, make sure you've got time to do everything you need to do while making time to relax and enjoy yourself’
    • ‘Occasionally, make time to invite a neighbor over and perform for them after a lunch or dinner.’
    • ‘Of all the tasks you spend time on every day, making time for your family can be the most meaningful.’
    • ‘Kevin and I always made time for the occasional dinner date, family outing and romantic vacation.’
    • ‘So in addition to being available and approachable, make time during the day to informally interact with staffers.’
  • 2North American informal Make sexual advances to someone.

    ‘I couldn't make time with Marilyn because she was already a senior’
    • ‘Her little sister certainly didn't seem to have a problem making time with Nick.’
    • ‘I saw you making time with that man.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Ron was trying to make time with a table of ladies.’
    • ‘The fairer sex was indeed Johnson's downfall as he was likely poisoned by the jealous husband of a woman he was making time with.’
    • ‘De Gauche plans to marry Roxane to his best friend, who will overlook De Gauche making time with his wife.’
    • ‘‘So it suits me fine living there - there's never a shortage of handsome men eager to make time with me,’ she adds saucily.’
    • ‘Ethan gets a gig playing in Harrisburg and Justin secretly follows, catching the new boyfriend making time with an admirer.’