Definition of make something good in English:

make something good


  • 1Compensate for loss, damage, or expense.

    ‘if I scratched the table I'd make good the damage’
    • ‘These early losses were made good through new building and captured Axis ships.’
    • ‘Although population losses can be made good very quickly, in Ireland population growth remained low for the rest of the century as a result of late marriage.’
    • ‘The smallest number we ever sold, by the way, was 60 out of 1,000; but fortunately my predecessor as man in charge had made a deal with a rich enthusiast that any loss on the book would be made good.’
    • ‘But this loss is made good to some extent not only by quotations from lost works recorded by later writers, but also by the varieties of ancient reportage that are extant.’
    • ‘The resultant loss of revenue to the exchequer could be made good through hike in prices of some other items that do not affect the common man.’
    make up for, compensate for, make amends for, make restitution for, make reparation for, redress, make good, satisfy
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    1. 1.1 Repair or restore after damage.
      ‘make good the wall where you have buried the cable’
      repair, mend, fix, patch up, put right, set right, put to rights, see to
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  • 2Fulfil a promise or claim.

    ‘I challenged him to make good his boast’
    • ‘Papal claims waited only on a strong leader to make them good.’
    • ‘I think it is a marvelous idea and they have my loyalty for making good on promises so far.’
    • ‘Only two things could keep Uncle Sam from making good on this pledge to retirees.’
    • ‘Mr Rubin submitted that tracing was unnecessary to make this claim good.’
    • ‘Now they are under strong pressure to make their promises good.’
    • ‘The townships are still there, the promise to replace them is still there and so far the hope that the promises will be made good has survived, just.’
    • ‘Julie has low expectations when it comes to politicians making good on election promises.’
    fulfil, carry out, carry through, implement, execute, effect, discharge, perform, honour, redeem
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