Definition of make someone's toes curl in English:

make someone's toes curl


  • Bring about an extreme reaction of embarrassment or delight in someone.

    ‘it made her toes curl just listening to him’
    • ‘This cuts out the opportunity for a serendipitous find - someone who doesn't match your check list, but still makes your toes curl.’
    • ‘You love to be catered to, that's what really makes your toes curl.’
    • ‘The man certainly knew how to make a girl 's toes curl, even if he was only a dream.’
    • ‘It's enough to make your toes curl - mine anyway.’
    • ‘I try to avoid looking at the artwork because it makes my toes curl.’
    • ‘The following is a guide for all facets of giving a massage that will make his toes curl and bring him to much higher plain of ecstasy.’
    • ‘I must say, it made my toes curl, just reading it.’
    • ‘I haven't eaten anywhere that has made my toes curl for, oh, weeks now.’
    • ‘I love my country, but there are times when our perceived collective reserve makes my toes curl.’
    • ‘He guided my face to meet his and gave me a gentle, perfect kiss that made my toes curl.’