Definition of make someone's skin crawl (or creep) in English:

make someone's skin crawl (or creep)


  • Cause someone to experience an uncomfortable sensation of horror or disgust.

    • ‘The mere knowledge that I talked to you makes Greg 's skin crawl, and I'm not going to hurt him by meeting you.’
    • ‘Justin was, well, Justin, and the thought of him doing that with Rebecca was enough to make Michael 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘There was something about Lazar's matter-of-fact tone that made Carl 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘The very idea of being around magic made Karl 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘It wasn't about all those things Francis did that made Van Gundy 's skin crawl and the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.’
    • ‘This assistant had the stomach for torture, bloodshed, and all of the things that made Tyrell 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘His smile was silk - a malicious caress that made Joe 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘It was one of sadistic smugness that made Analise 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘She hadn't even said anything to this girl, but she could make Hannah 's skin crawl.’
    • ‘A clerk innocently used a word to describe a section of books that made Cisneros 's skin crawl.’