Definition of make someone's hackles rise in English:

make someone's hackles rise


  • Make someone angry or indignant.

    • ‘Why, it makes my hackles rise in self-righteous horror!’
    • ‘I knew it was a grin, but the bared teeth still made my hackles rise.’
    • ‘The sudden picture of Bruce sitting so close to her, hands clasped, made his hackles rise.’
    • ‘As nondescript and unassuming as he seemed, his mere presence made my hackles rise.’
    • ‘The sound of footsteps behind him made his hackles rise.’
    annoy, irritate, exasperate, anger, irk, vex, put out, nettle, provoke, incense, gall, rile, infuriate, antagonize, get on someone's nerves, rub up the wrong way, make someone's blood boil, ruffle someone's feathers, ruffle, try someone's patience
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