Definition of make someone's flesh crawl (or creep) in English:

make someone's flesh crawl (or creep)


  • Cause someone to experience an uncomfortable sensation of horror or disgust.

    ‘I'd forgotten how much he makes my flesh crawl’
    • ‘It is the first business book that has made my flesh crawl, not because of some macabre metaphor, but because of the theory.’
    • ‘His object, between now and May 5, is to make the nation 's flesh creep.’
    • ‘Ashes that used to be paper were spread all over the riveted metal floor, which was rusted beyond recognition, warped, misshapen, scattered with overturned furniture remains, and made our flesh crawl.’
    • ‘Just the thought of his fingers on her skin made her flesh crawl, and she hoped that she would never meet him again.’
    • ‘The film effectively disturbed me in places, while its effects succeeded in making my flesh crawl here and there.’
    • ‘Something about either the cover or the description on the packaging made my flesh crawl.’
    • ‘Even in a movie with basically no dialogue, she made my flesh crawl.’
    • ‘I don't know about you but it made my flesh crawl.’
    • ‘The way that the screeching jump also has sounds of a whip or a rope moving quickly through the air made my flesh crawl.’
    • ‘His hands were an unearthly cold that made her flesh crawl.’