Definition of make out in English:

make out

phrasal verb

  • 1Make progress; fare.

    ‘how are you making out, now that the summer's over?’
    • ‘Newton, who took on the biggest risk back in 1984, made out pretty well, too.’
    • ‘I would love to hear from them, see how they've made out, try to pick up where we left off, and thank them.’
    • ‘It'll be interesting to see how the original director makes out in the wake of the Dawn of the Dead remake.’
    get on, get along, fare, do, proceed, go, progress, manage, survive, cope, get by
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  • 2North American Engage in sexual activity.

    ‘teenagers were making out on the couch’
    ‘Ernie was making out with Berenice’
    • ‘He seemed too interested in making out with her than actually talking about what had happened.’
    • ‘There were dozens of times when I had walked into a room only to find him making out with some random chick.’
    • ‘When you break up with a guy, you're not supposed to keep making out after!’
    • ‘She sneaks out of the house, steals her mother's car, shoplifts, and makes out with a guy she met at a bar.’
    • ‘Or it could turn out that you get bored with the movie and wind up making out on the couch.’
    • ‘When we play people are making out all over the place and I'm happy that we're sending out a sexual vibe when we play.’
    • ‘He has taken her for several dates downtown where they have been making out at every opportunity.’
    • ‘She'd come into his room and found him making out with one of the cheerleaders at her school.’
    • ‘He goes around making out with a bunch of other girls trying to find a replacement for me!’
    • ‘She and her boyfriend were photographed making out on a yacht.’
    make love, have sex, have sexual intercourse
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