Definition of make oneself (or one's presence) felt in English:

make oneself (or one's presence) felt


  • Have a noticeable effect or influence.

    ‘the economic crisis began to make itself felt’
    • ‘But he has made his presence felt in the art world in many other ways as well.’
    • ‘The full consequences of the destruction of savings on such a scale and at such a pace have only just begun to make themselves felt.’
    • ‘Already global warming is beginning to make itself felt even in Bangalore.’
    • ‘The net effect is a vast area poor in resources, an effect that makes itself felt throughout the food web.’
    • ‘Changes this profound in the make-up of the heartland communities are unlikely to happen in the political dark, and, indeed, are beginning to make themselves felt in the national debate.’
    • ‘The effects of over-consumption make themselves felt - this is acknowledged in the conclusion, but not in the body of the argument.’
    • ‘First there was the effect of the recession, which began to make itself felt around midsummer.’
    • ‘The falling dollar, despite its recent bounce-back, has begun to make itself felt: manufacturers report a sharp rise in exports.’
    • ‘But gradually harsher realities began to make themselves felt.’
    • ‘With her sultry cover-girl looks, she certainly looks as though she possesses the x-factor needed to make her presence felt in the world of pop.’