Definition of make nice (or nice-nice) in English:

make nice (or nice-nice)


North American
  • Be pleasant or polite to someone, typically in a hypocritical way.

    ‘the seat next him was empty, so he wasn't required to make nice with a stranger’
    • ‘I've tried, largely in vain, to make nice with her.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell, Wilgoren is following one of the unwritten rules of the trade: romanticize Vietnam-era leftism as much as you want, but don't make nice with the aggressive leftists of today.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, one sees constant photo-ops of the President making nice with the Saudis, who have reasons of their own to worry about destabilization, while Kurdish leaders are met with in secret and at a much lower level.’
    • ‘And then, Wal-Mart fights back, and we'll tell you how the retailer is trying to make nice with thousands of Californians unhappy with its expansion.’
    • ‘Instead of training him in American football - and time zones - and encouraging him to read USA Today - training him to make nice, basically - they'd trained him to do his job.’
    • ‘All of this is very important because the Democratic party will be a cracked vessel without both camps coming together, not to agree on everything or make nice, but to build a powerful coalition.’
    • ‘Bush and Fox were making nice at the recent Summit of the Americas in Monterrey, Mexico, about Fox's immigration policy pretenses, with ‘free trade’ issues pushed to the backest of burners.’
    • ‘Everyone was making nice at the White House Christmas party for the press.’
    • ‘Well, the two will have to make nice on ‘The Simple Life 4.’’
    • ‘The two pretend to make nice during a break from a press junket, while hidden slights and resentments come bubbling up to the surface and stretch their guise of polite conversation long past its breaking point.’