Definition of make light work of in English:

make light work of


  • Accomplish (a task) quickly and easily.

    ‘make light work of cooking with the help of this electronic food processor’
    • ‘High praise is due to our server, who made light work of snaking his way through the thickets of humanity.’
    • ‘At the end of the day-long meeting, he made light work of summing up the main points.’
    • ‘I watched in amazement as it made light work of blending a whole assortment of foods, which, from experience, I knew my cheap high street blender would never have handled.’
    • ‘This photo shows Sam and his mighty chainsaw making light work of one of the many trees that were downed during a recent storm.’
    • ‘Having bowled out their opponents for 170, the home side made light work of knocking off the required runs with more than 18 overs to spare.’
    • ‘It was their powerful four-wheel drive car that made light work of the muddy roads that connected the villages.’
    • ‘The home side made light work of a depleted Alstonville line-up with a 3-nil win.’
    • ‘Second seed Power made light work of his opening encounter in the Hungarian Open Squash Championship.’
    • ‘The world's best male and female sprint hurdlers also made light work of the conditions to beat high quality fields.’
    • ‘Sea Scout crews made light work of the locks, for some of the crews this was their first canal boating experience.’