Definition of make it big in English:

make it big


  • Become very successful or famous.

    • ‘Most people think of success as making it big in power and money.’
    • ‘A year earlier he had taken the Premiership by storm - scoring eight goals in 34 starts - a talented teenager making it big in a man's world.’
    • ‘After a series of setbacks during the past 12 months, the industry now feels rejuvenated with family themes making it big at the box-office.’
    • ‘They have no dream of making it big in racing - they just want to get behind the wheel.’
    • ‘Every band dreams of making it big but we were just happy having fun really.’
    • ‘For every successful cartoonist who makes it big, there are thousands of other equally talented artists that go completely unrecognized.’
    • ‘You want to talk about someone who's making it big?’
    • ‘‘Many successful entrepreneurs suffered failures before they made it big,’ he notes.’
    • ‘I spent a few years playing in a garage band and the biggest failure there was we never really tried to make it big.’
    • ‘Since he was a child Matthew dreamed of making it big, of being a player in a country where more than half of the national wealth is controlled by a handful of families.’