Definition of make hay (while the sun shines) in English:

make hay (while the sun shines)


  • Make good use of an opportunity while it lasts.

    ‘they made political hay out of the issue’
    • ‘She was making hay while the sun shone - making pots of money from endorsing carpets and other unlikely products.’
    • ‘Talk about making hay while the sun shines: this is a place that knows how to make the most of an unusually short summer season.’
    • ‘She has been making hay from embarrassing her parents for 20 years while alternately cashing in on their names.’
    • ‘This is one of a few occasions that provide a good opportunity for both private and governmental textile houses to make hay.’
    • ‘If our soccer players do not appreciate the privilege of having direct access to Africa's richest soccer league, then they must blame themselves for not making hay while the sun shines.’
    • ‘Since then Robert has been making hay with the series, but the genre is certainly played out by now.’
    • ‘The private sector has been making hay on the railways for far too long.’
    • ‘With three films already released this year, and another four on the way, he has been making hay while the Californian sun shines.’
    • ‘Those who opposed the war are now making hay, coming forward with accusations which would have been inconceivable a matter of weeks ago.’
    • ‘Developers in Bangalore are making hay, thanks to the sudden spurt in spending power of the average Bangalorean added to the rock bottom rates of home loans.’
    make the most of an opportunity, exploit an opportunity, take advantage of an opportunity, capitalize on an advantage, strike while the iron is hot, seize the day
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