Definition of make good one's escape in English:

make good one's escape


  • Succeed in breaking free from confinement.

    ‘by the time they had given chase, she had made good her escape’
    • ‘Nine prisoners overpowered security guards at the Supreme Court building, and commandeered vehicles to make good their escape.’
    • ‘A woman driving a blue car and two school boys also assisted in the chase but unfortunately the offender made good his escape.’
    • ‘It is believed that they made good their escape over neighbouring fields.’
    • ‘As a security officer prepared to take him back to the cells at the end of the hearing the defendant leapt over the back of the dock and made good his escape.’
    • ‘His pursuers tracked him down with a bloodhound but the fugitive managed to kill the hound with an arrow and make good his escape.’
    • ‘It is believed the men used another car to make good their escape and police are particularly keen to trace a maroon Vauxhall Astra seen earlier in the day in the pub car park.’
    • ‘He then set fire to the flat in an attempt to cover up what he had done, before making good his escape.’
    • ‘Spinning around, the hunter catches a glimpse of a heavy-bodied stag making good his escape over the ridge.’
    • ‘The householder went to her bedroom and found that the intruder had made his exit through the window, moving items from her dressing table to make good his escape.’
    • ‘An alarm sounded but the gang knew they had 15 minutes to make good their escape into the country roads by the village of Thornhill.’