Definition of make eyes at someone in English:

make eyes at someone


  • Look at someone with clear sexual interest.

    ‘Doyle was making eyes at the girl, who was extremely pretty’
    • ‘People are most amused by the girls who constantly flirt with viewers in the street in front of their windows by making eyes at them or dancing lasciviously.’
    • ‘Regardless, he still seems to be flattered, and keeps making eyes at me throughout the flight.’
    • ‘And to make matters worse, that girl there keeps making eyes at me.’
    • ‘In all fairness, the crowd wasn't making eyes at me either.’
    • ‘Instead of stepping around him I made eyes at him and we started kissing.’
    • ‘I would hate having to sit at a bar beside young girls making eyes at me.’
    • ‘Harry said ‘Remember how you told me that Rita was always making eyes at me?’’
    • ‘Even from across the bar, it is clear that she is making eyes at you.’
    • ‘At break time when I walked into the common room Janette made eyes at me and pretended to swoon.’
    • ‘I get out of the car and am standing around, then I notice someone standing against a wall making eyes at me.’