Definition of make do in English:

make do


  • Manage with the limited or inadequate means available.

    ‘Dad would have to make do with an old car’
    • ‘Aided by support staff and by reading specialists, teachers made do with the pedagogical knowledge and skills that were available to them.’
    • ‘After so many years of being on split sites and making do, the new state-of-the-art building could be open by the end of next year.’
    • ‘In the meantime, everybody else mends and makes do.’
    • ‘So far, Holden and Hughes have been making do with a swish flat in the area.’
    • ‘But some unlucky arrivals are making do with a mattress on the floor of a large room in a hall of residence.’
    • ‘Everyone else has developed a mania for making do with less.’
    • ‘People with learning difficulties no longer have to make do with what is available.’
    • ‘A civilization that believes itself capable of making do without other civilizations tends to be headed toward its doom.’
    • ‘In the meanwhile, James, being a tradesman, has been making do with public transport and lifts from workmates to get around the various jobsites.’
    • ‘Many more channels are available nowadays, even if some of us still make do with the five.’
    scrape along, scrape by, get along, get by, manage, cope, survive, muddle along, muddle through, fare all right, make the best of a bad job, improvise, make ends meet, keep the wolf from the door, keep one's head above water, shift for oneself
    make the best of, get by on, get by with, put to the best use, make the most of
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