Definition of make common cause in English:

make common cause


  • Unite in order to achieve a shared aim.

    ‘nationalist movements made common cause with the reformers’
    • ‘Today, I'd like to offer a few thoughts on what these developments have meant for your colleagues in public broadcasting, and share some ideas about how our institutions might make common cause in the future.’
    • ‘Let the humanists make common cause with them to achieve freedom.’
    • ‘And thus, it makes common cause with the most deeply illiberal elements on the international left.’
    • ‘On certain foreign policy issues, Switzerland and Bulgaria have a track record of making common cause.’
    • ‘And here they need to make common cause with the social democratic and centre-left governments of Europe, including our own.’
    • ‘Let the toiling masses on both sides make common cause against their avaricious overlords.’
    • ‘Thrilling, after all, to be making common cause over one issue with a person with whom you would not otherwise agree about anything.’
    • ‘One would have expected the two sister professions to make common cause.’
    • ‘And then in the eighties I resigned from the Association of University Teachers over their failure to make common cause with the polytechnics.’
    • ‘As a hunter-gatherer nation, Australia could play a further role in world affairs by making common cause without a hunter-gatherer peoples, all of whom are taking a terrible hammering.’
    cooperate, collaborate, work together, work side by side, act together, act jointly, pull together, band together, come together, get together, join forces, team up, unite, combine, merge, amalgamate, pool resources, club together, make common cause, form an alliance, liaise
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