Definition of make capital out of in English:

make capital out of


  • Use to one's own advantage.

    ‘the opposition are seeking to make political capital out of the scandal’
    • ‘The traditional community right over water is purposefully being eroded by those who would make capital out of this scarce natural resource.’
    • ‘He's still trying to make capital out of that story, is he?’
    • ‘They are making capital out of innocent people.’
    • ‘Having decided that the national interest meant they should not make capital out of the war, they are now at liberty to behave like an opposition, and to start stirring the pot.’
    • ‘Some people like to take advantage of my friends and make capital out of my personal influence to win over voters.’
    • ‘More recently, Japanese politicians have been making capital out of blaming the nation's woes on outsiders, particularly those from other Asian countries.’
    • ‘Unable to erase the bad patch of history, the city has embraced it and is really making capital out of it in a big way.’
    • ‘I hope no politician would make capital out of people's misery.’
    • ‘Religious and political groups are trying to make capital out of what is happening.’
    • ‘Attempts by the right to make capital out of the tragedy have created a powderkeg.’