Definition of make an issue of in English:

make an issue of


  • Treat too seriously or as a problem.

    • ‘Disbelieving that he was making an issue of it, I handed over the 50 leva note, which he took all over the beach to get change.’
    • ‘Senator Maurice Cummins said at the time he felt it was a major cause for concern and he would be making an issue of it in the Senate.’
    • ‘Still, neither candidate made an issue of either the law or Flanagan's sexual orientation, and Jeffords retained the backing of gay rights groups.’
    • ‘If somebody makes an issue of their sex lives, then it becomes an open topic.’
    • ‘Well excuse me, Alex, but it's you that seems to be the one making an issue of this.’
    • ‘No point in making an issue of it and unleashing their goons on the media and on individuals who point fingers at them.’
    • ‘He'd be as mad as those making an issue of this inherently safe transport.’
    • ‘I would have liked to have done better after all that work but am telling myself not to make an issue of it.’
    • ‘That's a worry at the back of everyone's mind really, but because they're still employing people there nobody is making an issue of it.’
    • ‘The only people who are making an issue of this are the media.’