Definition of make a point of in English:

make a point of


  • Make a special and noticeable effort to do (a specified thing)

    ‘she made a point of taking a walk each day’
    • ‘Regardless of all this, I make a point of always having a good book with me.’
    • ‘Most parents make a point of actively discouraging their offspring from forming any relationship with a motorbike.’
    • ‘When someone phones up with a job offer I make a point of not making a note of their name or telephone number and of not jotting down the content and deadline details in my diary.’
    • ‘They're making a point of what kind of clothes he wears.’
    • ‘The driver will invariably be making a point of not seeing the pedestrian, sometimes even turning the head away to look at the opposite side of the road.’
    • ‘Most political reporters make a point of not saying how they vote.’
    • ‘The best I could do was to make a point of always speaking courteously to travelers.’
    • ‘I make a point of not discussing various matters on this site.’
    • ‘Now there are the rest of you who are making a point of not voting.’
    • ‘So he makes a point of always getting up and walking over to just in front of the last guest spot on the couch and standing there during the performance.’
    make an effort to, go out of one's way to, place emphasis on, put emphasis on
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