Definition of make a play for in English:

make a play for


  • Attempt to attract or attain.

    ‘we invited men to make a play for the award’
    ‘she started to make a play for the young man’
    • ‘Kerry Gill, the editor of the Scottish edition of the Daily Express, last night lashed out at a rival paper for making a play for his readers.’
    • ‘But he withdrew from consideration, making a play for a position of vice president instead.’
    • ‘Jim Moran of Virginia is making a play for the leadership.’
    • ‘You'll never believe who Trina Matheson made a play for!’
    • ‘Waterford Wedgwood has said it has no intention yet of making a play for the company itself but many analysts believe it would use its sizeable stake to block anyone else getting their hands on it.’
    • ‘The poor chap's probably aching for a spot of home cooking and, if you ask him for a meal with one or two others, he needn't feel you're making a play for him.’
    • ‘He was talking to other friends when he noticed another man making a play for his girlfriend.’
    • ‘‘Developers are making a play for downtown residential space, taking advantage of of tax incentives and loans from the city of Jacksonville,’ the report says.’
    • ‘Speaking only for myself, I can't imagine making a play for a straight guy.’
    • ‘The buying spree lasted from October 2004 to January 2005 and Mr Lynch's activity convinced analysts he was attempting to make a play for the group.’
    make sexual advances to, make advances to, make sexual overtures to, proposition, make a sexual approach to
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