Definition of make a pitch in English:

make a pitch


  • Make a bid to obtain a contract or other business.

    ‘the company is making a pitch at a £200 million market’
    ‘a brilliant and handsome research student made a determined pitch for her’
    • ‘The group pondered making a pitch for the 2016 Games.’
    • ‘He made a pitch for Chile to become an overseas platform for microchip development and assembly.’
    • ‘Emboldened by their success, his clients immediately made a pitch for additional subsidies.’
    • ‘Sweeney is making a pitch for some of the contract work.’
    • ‘London Underground has been so overwhelmed by the response from technology companies it has extend the deadline for companies looking to make a pitch.’
    • ‘Are you making a pitch to direct the movie?’
    • ‘A slick suit at a table in the corner is earnestly making a pitch to his breakfast companion, who's clearly not buying what he's selling.’
    • ‘The government press secretary made a pitch for a £60,000 to £70,000 a year consultancy.’
    • ‘The recruiter didn't waste any time making a pitch to her, too.’
    • ‘They were about to make a pitch for a multi-million pound account.’
    try to obtain, try to acquire, try to get, bid for, make a bid for
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