Definition of make a noise in English:

make a noise


  • Speak or act in a way designed to attract a lot of attention or publicity.

    ‘he knows how to make a noise and claim police harassment’
    • ‘Oddly, instead of boldly making a noise about its intentions, unexpected popularity made the Government proceed with caution and too many over-the-shoulder glances.’
    • ‘‘I think this review is just something they've come up with because we've been making a noise,’ said the man, who does not want to be identified.’
    • ‘Rangers will win the league and will make a noise in Europe, too.’
    • ‘People, however, also seem to feel a need to make a noise at every opportunity.’
    • ‘They didn't go about slapping people on the back or making a noise.’
    • ‘In the likes of Neil Lennon, Chris Sutton and John Hartson, O'Neill has others who can make a noise on the club's behalf.’
    • ‘It is understandable that he should recognise that it is easier to make a noise and win some superficial public recognition on a celebrity game show than in the Commons.’
    • ‘If you feel that great work by other people is going unrecognised and unrewarded, then make a noise about it.’
    • ‘When I became an MP I was more interested in making a difference than making a noise, I really was.’
    • ‘If they are there to make a noise and get noticed, then Stephen is doing fine.’