Definition of make a name for oneself in English:

make a name for oneself


  • Become famous.

    ‘by the time he was thirty-five, he had made a name for himself as a successful railway contractor’
    • ‘If the pranksters' aim is to make a name for themselves, they are succeeding.’
    • ‘The pressure's on you to succeed, to make a name for yourself.’
    • ‘If you want to carve your name in stone and really make a name for yourself, America is a place that you have to conquer.’
    • ‘A lot of restaurants, hotels, and bars make a name for themselves when a famous guest stops by and signs a photo.’
    • ‘You can make a decent living, but you have a hard road ahead of you to make a name for yourself.’
    • ‘During your 40-year teaching career you trained thousands of young writers, many of whom have gone on to make a name for themselves as distinguished authors.’
    • ‘Now, she's got a familiar name, but she made a name for herself by being an author and columnist.’
    • ‘All you budding song writers out there here's your chance of making a name for yourself.’
    • ‘When is it time to start making a name for yourself?’
    • ‘With their distinct north African accent, both bands are making a name for themselves with their unmistakable blend of drum and bass, jazz, funk and electronica.’
    succeed, achieve success, be successful, be a success, do well, get ahead, reach the top, become famous, achieve recognition, distinguish oneself, set the world on fire
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