Definition of make a muck of in English:

make a muck of


  • Handle (something) incompetently.

    ‘the taxi driver made a muck of it and took me to the wrong place’
    • ‘Of course, if her side win today, Nilsmark will be remembered as the great master tactician, but if Europe slips to defeat, she could be accused of making a muck of her choices.’
    • ‘I found letting my son look after his own money extremely hard as I was sure he would make a muck of it.’
    • ‘I think the reason we need all this legislation is that previous legislation made a muck of it, so we have the amendment bill to make sure that the law does not continue as it is.’
    • ‘‘No, she's just made a muck of things, that's all.’’
    • ‘If Finnie makes a muck of it - as I'm sure he will - I wonder if Jack would look in my direction.’
    make a mess of, mess up, botch, bungle, spoil, ruin, wreck, mishandle, mismanage
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