Definition of make a move on (or put the moves on) in English:

make a move on (or put the moves on)


  • Make a proposition to (someone), especially of a sexual nature.

    ‘the scheme will probably be used as an excuse by male staff to make a move on unsuspecting young ladies’
    • ‘‘I wasn't trying to make a move on you,’ she was quick to explain.’
    • ‘I started thinking about this guy, a waiter at a sushi bar, that I didn't make a move on, and thinking that night that I should have asked him out.’
    • ‘He visited a lapdancing club and tried to make a move on a blonde dancer.’
    • ‘Randy never did make a move on the beautiful girl.’
    • ‘She started making a move on my man.’
    • ‘Vain, shallow Sally puts the moves on Patrick the moment he becomes single.’
    • ‘My boyfriend says I am sick to think he would make a move on Claire, but I see the chemistry between them and it drives me mad.’
    • ‘One night at a club I watched him put the moves on a gorgeous young woman who he had met earlier.’
    • ‘A 31-year-old male trainer at my new gym put the moves on me during my free training session.’
    • ‘Let's say you get interested in someone else, and you make a move on them.’