Definition of make a meal of in English:

make a meal of


  • Carry out (a task or action) with unnecessary effort or thoroughness, especially for effect.

    ‘he made a meal of it by falling dramatically to the ground clutching his face’
    • ‘Harris avoids making a meal of any of this, and for the most part avoids those ‘gosh we're in the presence of genius' moments.’
    • ‘The media makes a meal of this sort of thing, ourselves included I guess, precisely because it's so unusual.’
    • ‘Even though the queens got hosed off pretty early in this game, the players still managed to make a meal of it.’
    • ‘Scorsese and scriptwriter John Logan have decided to make a meal of the illness that eventually forced him in later life to become a recluse.’
    • ‘A lot of actors would make a meal of this, but Brucie just sleepwalks through the whole thing.’
    • ‘Michael Campbell, meanwhile, makes a meal of his birdie putt on the ninth, and is suddenly facing a tricky five-footer to stay at five under.’
    • ‘He even made a meal of appearing right in front of her and overcrowding her so she couldn't step around him at all.’
    • ‘If you make a meal of your adventure, your spirit is revived.’
    • ‘The camera makes a meal of the moment, slowly panning round its landscaped perfection, taking in the fountains, the pools, the impeccable box hedging, the paving stones set in the manicured lawn.’
    • ‘‘If the last one was four years ago, I should think the Colonel feels entitled to make a meal of this one,’ said Haig.’