Definition of make a conquest of in English:

make a conquest of


  • Win the affections of.

    • ‘The Ballerina enters, determined to make a conquest of the Moor, and dances to a tawdry sort of waltz, whose triteness is intentionally intensified by its inept scoring for flute and trumpet.’
    • ‘It pleases their vanity to make a conquest of one girl after another, and this and the sexual thrills they get are all they care about.’
    • ‘The actress, who was born in Perm and emigrated with her mother in 1917, made a conquest of her.’
    • ‘Many a one, of course, is base enough to gratify his vanity by making a conquest of another man's wife.’
    • ‘Everything went to show that she had made a conquest of the recluse of the New Hall.’
    • ‘The interview reveals the secret of how you can make a conquest of a beautiful girl over the net.’
    • ‘He spent much time in the trade room, and went often through the camp seeking to make a conquest of some fair damsel.’
    • ‘He could have made a conquest of almost any girl he wanted but his dealings with the other sex were notable for old-fashioned chivalry.’
    • ‘Here he makes a conquest of Lucy, and there ensues a spirited conflict between Lucy and Polly, the rival claimants of his heart.’
    • ‘On this occasion, she looks heavily suntanned and made up, as the erotic Egyptian queen who has made a conquest of a man who should have been her sworn Roman enemy.’