Definition of make a break for in English:

make a break for


  • Make a sudden dash in the direction of, especially in a bid to escape.

    ‘he made a break for the door’
    • ‘The orang-utan escaped by pulling a tile from the roof of the enclosure yesterday afternoon, then climbed through the hole to make a break for freedom.’
    • ‘The driver then tried to make a break for it on foot, but was quickly apprehended by police who gave chase.’
    • ‘So, as she disappeared into the kitchen, I made a break for the door.’
    • ‘She then did rehab, stole a credit card and made a break for Hawaii.’
    • ‘Eventually he made a break for the office through the kitchen door, only to be dragged out by his mate.’
    • ‘Ryan thought about making a break for it, but there was no way he'd escape before getting a bullet in the back.’
    • ‘By the midpoint of the film I was seriously considering making a break for the exit.’
    • ‘Tony took off for the hallway, tearing open the door and making a break for the elevator.’
    • ‘Quick, someone create a diversion so I can make a break for the toilet and scribble a note from my mum excusing me from class.’
    • ‘Two members of the group have made a break for the border.’