Definition of make up in English:

make up

phrasal verb

  • Be reconciled after a quarrel.

    ‘let's kiss and make up’
    • ‘Here are some really great ideas on making up with your sweetheart after an argument.’
    • ‘The wealthy couple were later seen having a lover's tiff before kissing and making up on the dance floor.’
    • ‘As Paul and Heather prepare to do battle, another celebrity is apparently kissing and making up.’
    • ‘So big-hearted Melvyn bought Al a slap-up lunch the other day to kiss and make up.’
    • ‘I think she has it in her head that if she gets us all in the same room we'll crack and kiss and make up.’
    • ‘At the end of it all, you swap shirts, shake hands, make up and go home.’
    • ‘She says she has kissed and made up with Nigel, and the reunion was a fun night.’
    • ‘She trails kisses up his neck and soon the two are making up in the kitchen tangled around each other.’
    • ‘I'd have no chance of creating an even bigger rift between them if they kissed and made up.’
    • ‘They argue almost constantly, only stopping occasionally to hug and kiss and pretend to make up.’
    be friends again, bury the hatchet, declare a truce, make peace, forgive and forget, shake hands, become reconciled, settle one's differences, mend fences, call it quits
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