Definition of make (one's) peace in English:

make (one's) peace


  • Re-establish friendly relations.

    ‘he returned to the village to make peace with his mother’
    • ‘When he died, her in-laws finally made their peace with her.’
    • ‘I just need to make my peace with myself, my neighbour, my community and my earth.’
    • ‘So in all the ensuing years have parents and children made their peace and found themselves on a common track?’
    • ‘These are people who have made their peace with capitalism and have given up on the ideas of their youth.’
    • ‘I've made my peace with that, but it's taken a while.’
    • ‘Most mainstream religious groups have long since made their peace with evolutionary theory.’
    • ‘Though I'm not sure Rebecca is my friend, since she's dating Jake I better make my peace with her.’
    • ‘I would make my peace with Josh and be the understanding friend I always was.’
    • ‘Eventually, Gideon makes his peace with his daughter, decides to quit the rat race, and disappears off into the sunset with Stella.’
    • ‘He did his best to console them and help them to make their peace with God.’
    adjudicate, judge, adjudge, referee, umpire, sit in judgement, pass judgement, pronounce judgement, give a verdict, make a ruling
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