Definition of make (a) mock of in English:

make (a) mock of


  • Hold up to scorn or ridicule.

    ‘stop making a mock of other people's business’
    • ‘Later, we stood in a dark corner in a crowded bar, making mock of everyone we could see.’
    • ‘In one point, however, accuracy is well within our reach, and nearly all the cookery books - even those produced under the eyes of great artists - make a mock of it.’
    • ‘After Rosencrantz tells Hamlet of the players' arrival, Polonius enters to tell Hamlet the same thing, which Hamlet makes mock of: ‘I will prophesy, he comes to tell me of the players, mark it.’’
    • ‘I've mentioned that she made mock of him.’
    • ‘It was put to him finally: ‘You lost your temper because you believed they were making a mock of you’.’
    • ‘Of all the people to make mock of the depravity visited upon those prisoners, a former POW is the last one I'd expect to see doing it.’
    • ‘The broadcaster's Head of Light Entertainment at the time was a cautious man who pondered, on reading the first script, ‘Were we making mock of Britain's Finest Hour?’’
    • ‘He was having a laugh, making mock of his opponent's stature and ranking.’