Definition of make-up remover in English:

make-up remover


  • A substance used to remove make-up from the face.

    ‘I like to use the lightest make-up remover I can find’
    • ‘There are just too many cleansers, make-up removers and soaps on the market.’
    • ‘You might also want to take along some cotton buds dipped in make-up remover (keep in a zip-lock bag).’
    • ‘I have given up all those greasy make-up removers and baby oils in favor of soap.’
    • ‘Witch hazel is a great cleanser, as well as a natural makeup remover.’
    • ‘Baby lotion is a good make-up remover and is quite suitable for grown-up faces.’
    • ‘These cotton tip swabs are filled with gentle skin conditioning makeup remover to erase smudges and smears around the eye.’
    • ‘Verdict: This makeup remover wipe needed some assistance to get the job done.’
    • ‘Quick tip: don't spend your money on eye makeup remover!’
    • ‘Any eye make-up remover ought to not sting.’
    • ‘If you thought a face cleanser was exactly the same thing as makeup remover, then think again.’