Definition of make-do in English:



  • attributive Makeshift; temporary.

    ‘make-do shelters dotted the landscape’
    • ‘In any case, we accepted that living in Britain meant being mired in a historical backwater, that our culture was a threadbare, make-do shadow of America's.’
    • ‘Hay bales outside the M & M Café are yanked into wobbling lines for make-do seats, while the plastic ones under the pub's eaves are already occupied.’
    • ‘I made make-do sawhorses out of the top of my new chest freezer and the top of two plastic storage boxes stacked on my stepstool.’
    • ‘But as other make-do approaches hit technological walls, this will change.’
    • ‘Sighing, Ari lay back down on her uncomfortable make-do bed.’
    • ‘Inevitably, some foreign dealers moaned about the typical New York rawness of the make-do floors and walls of Piers 90 and 92, longing for a formal exhibition hall.’
    • ‘Are people at least accommodated in make-do properties, or have they taken over abandoned properties?’
    • ‘And the Blues' boss is extremely unlikely to tinker around with a mend and make-do loan move, or a temporary quick fix.’
    • ‘But decisions should be based on sound science, rather than the make-do science that the Government seems happy with.’
    • ‘In 1900, the track was widened to 2m so Rerekapa settlers could carry in supplies but the make-do road was often impassable in winter.’
    • ‘Recreation was not yet a pressing problem since we did not have any free time and were too exhausted for anything other than resting in our make-do shelters.’
    • ‘He shouted, shaking with force the piles of paperback books on his make-do bookshelves.’
    • ‘The poverty-stricken young Joe rigged up a make-do punchbag in his rickety garden shed.’
    • ‘Fixing basic generators and installing make-do central heating systems is not exactly Tomorrow's World.’
    • ‘She even saw what looked like a make-do rubber-tyre swing swinging gently from one of the tremendous branches.’
    • ‘Immediately Kyle was ushered off onto the make-do dance floor by a gorgeous auburn-haired girl.’
    • ‘Color consistency helps camouflage the furniture mix, which, for many young couples, ranges from blow-the-budget to make-do to hand-me-down.’
    • ‘It was unabashedly fun to play with and when in the hand, you intuitively know you have a real fighting pistol on-board, not a make-do pocket auto.’
    • ‘The closer we look at the developmental biology of organisms, the more apparent the impromptu, make-do nature of their construction is.’
    • ‘We nearly had a nasty experience with a ditch and a make-do bridge that it turned out we didn't need to cross anyway, and ended up calming our nerves in The Withy Cafe.’
    meantime, meanwhile, intervening time, interval, interlude
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