Definition of majuscule in English:



mass noun
  • 1Large lettering, either capital or uncial, in which all the letters are the same height.

    as modifier ‘Insular majuscule script’
    • ‘Upper and lower case come from typesetting (the letters were kept in two cases, majuscule letters were kept in the upper case, the others in the lower case.’
    • ‘A capital ‘I’ as exampled at line-initial position and with obvious intention to produce a majuscule form.’
    • ‘The majuscule letter V symbolizes a daughter of the Mother Goddess or the Mother Goddess as a virgin.’
    • ‘It was an angular majuscule script, often written without breaks between words or with words separated by dots.’
    • ‘The descriptions of the majuscule transcriptions are identical with those in the majuscule area of the site.’
    upper-case, block
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    1. 1.1count noun A large letter.
      • ‘In one hand he holds an open book and with an prodigious index finger points to the victim with words in red Roman majuscules against the night sky.’
      • ‘The character set was greatly expanded to include punctuation, accented characters, and many many alternates, especially for the majuscules.’
      • ‘It was more a matter of the development of a more mature pattern that was no longer a capital script but one that consisted of hybrid majuscules organized as a graphic system.’
      • ‘In the West, majuscules seemed to have been used for more formal writing: literary texts, Gospels, and important religious works as well as luxury manuscripts.’
      • ‘There should be consistent family characteristics in minuscules and majuscules and between the two.’
      • ‘The written and printed form of English has two interlocking systems of letters: large letters, known variously as capitals, upper-case letters, majuscules, and small letters, or lower-case letters, minuscules.’


Early 18th century: from French, from Latin majuscula (littera) ‘somewhat greater (letter)’.