Definition of maintopmast in English:



  • The second section of a sailing ship's mainmast.

    • ‘The unfortunate man was at the head, engaged in unshackling the maintopmast spring stay, when the cap of the foremast came off.’
    • ‘The enemy's foremast was severed just below the fighting top and plunged through two decks; then his maintopmast went.’
    • ‘In less than an hour I had the maintopmast on deck and was constructing the shears.’
    • ‘The Raven had lost her maintopmast three days out from San Francisco, which had slowed her down for two full days.’
    • ‘Orders were then given to set the jib and maintopmast staysail, and the former was set but the latter could not be, as the halyards were foul aloft.’
    • ‘Our mizzenmast soon went, and soon afterwards the maintopmast.’