Definition of maintenance crew in English:

maintenance crew


  • A team of people who keep a vehicle, machine, road, etc. in a state of good repair.

    ‘the maintenance crew inspected the aircraft’
    • ‘Recent rains, and a major effort on behalf of the committee and the track maintenance crew, have returned the Lismore racetrack to top racing condition.’
    • ‘A maintenance crew chief, he's one of just a handful of airmen who work on the next-generation aircraft.’
    • ‘The ship's maintenance crew reopened many of the watertight compartment doors to make it easier to rig the bilge pumps.’
    • ‘Several years ago, for instance, a dispute between embassy occupants and a landscape maintenance crew led to the precinct's grass going unshorn for some weeks.’
    • ‘The maintenance crew for the dredging machinery of the Geraldton Port Enhancement Project walked out on the job yesterday.’
    • ‘Almost everybody employed by the council would be walking out: street cleaners, planning officials, care home workers, highway maintenance crews, even social workers.’
    • ‘Railway maintenance crews have been exposed for years to asbestos in trackside buildings in Wootton Bassett.’
    • ‘City maintenance crews have failed to rectify a gaping hole next to a drain cover on a very tight corner.’
    • ‘Generally our information came by either motorists reporting or we had maintenance crews which travelled up and down the road quite regularly.’
    • ‘Out in a hangar, maintenance crews are working around the clock too.’