Definition of mainmast in English:



  • The principal mast of a ship, typically the second mast in a sailing ship of three or more masts.

    • ‘The mainmast groaned slightly under the strain of the wind-filled sails.’
    • ‘Dolphin pulled past them and assaulted the outside schooner, her guns taking out the mainmast.’
    • ‘‘Look,’ Rueben said, and turned, pointing up to the top of the mainmast, at the crow's next.’
    • ‘Its gun-ports were visible even at this distance, and a flag, unidentifiable, waved defiantly atop the mainmast.’
    • ‘He saw how close to the mainmast the commodore was and grinned suddenly.’
    spar, boom, yard, gaff, foremast, topmast, mizzenmast, mizzen, royal mast
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